How We Work

Flower Forever has been preserving flowers for over 27 years. We preserve over 300 bouquets each year and like to offer a bespoke service to each individual customer. We are happy to guide you every step of the way, however, below is some steps on how we work and what to expect! 

Step 1 - Get In Touch

♥ call us, email us or fill out our contact form here – at this stage all we require is your contact details and event date to book you in. No deposit is required until we have your flowers in our loving care.

Getting the flowers to us is easy! you can either:

♥ package up your flowers (please see details on how here) and post your flowers to our address, which is Flowers Forever: Botany Bay, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, Redditch, B96 6BG. Download our packaging label here and print it out for your package.

♥ use a courier -  contact us by 10:30am on the chosen day and we can arrange on your behalf.

♥ local and wish to deliver the bouquet personally? Then please do! We would love to meet you in a person. Just give us a quick shout before you pop over.

♥ personal collection- please do ask to check to see if this is available for you.

Step 2 - Preservation

♥ once we have received your flowers, we start the preservation process straight away.

♥ we make indepth notes of your flowers.

♥ dismantle the bouquet carefully, preserving each item, by hand.

♥ we take a £60 Preservation fee which covers our cost of preserving the flowers.

The preservation stage takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.

Step 3 - Pick Your Products

♥ you can choose your chosen products while the flowers are preserving or after the preservation is complete.

♥ we love to discuss your choices, ideas and specifications with you, either on the phone, email or in our studio.

♥ our customers love to add their personal items, so talking it through to make sure we can create the perfect keepsake is important to us.

♥ a Deposit, which is usually around 50% of your balance, is taken at this stage. 

This stage can take between 6-20 weeks to complete, depending on the complexitity of your requirements and seasons. We will however give you an estimated completion date once you have chosen your items.


Step 4 - Final completion

♥ we will contact you when your items are nearing completion.

♥ making arrangements for collection or delivery with us is easy and personal to your needs.

♥ we take your final balance at this stage. We accept all major credit cards including AMEX. BACs, cash and cheques (made payable to Flowers Forever) are all accepted.

Get in Touch Today!

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you. Call us today on 01527 351220 or email us at for a friendly chat and more information.