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Available frames to choose from

Frame narrow walnut
Narrow Walnut
Frame narrow Mahogany
Narrow Mahogany
Frame narrow Mahogany
Wide Antique Pine
Frame wide silver
Narrow Gold
Frame narrow Mahogany
Frame Black
Narrow Chrome
Frame bare faced pine
Bare faced pine
Frame wide chocolate
Wide Chocolate
(also available in black)
Frame wide Mahogany
Wide Mahogany
Frame wide silver
Wide Silver
(also available in gold)
Frame Black
Gloss Black
Frame Black
Narrow Silver
Frame wide silver
Wide Antique Cream
Frame Black
Shabby Chic
Frame Black
Wide Augusta White
Frame wide silver
white gloss
Frame Black
Narrow Augusta White

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Full Range Price List

Flowers Forever offers a beautiful finished product and high quality service to all our customers. Each individual order is made by our specialist designers with great care and craftsmanship. Prices may vary according to the amount of work required to meet your individual requirements All our prices include preservation of your flowers, your frame and VAT.

We urge you to call us today on 0800 298 5880 with details of your flowers so we can guide you through our process and offer you a quote.

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Item Cost
Paperweights £105.00

Box Frames
6in x 6in £75.00
8in x 6in £95.00
8in x 8in £125.00
10in x 8in £135.00
12in x 4in £125.00
10in x 10in £180.00
10in x 12in £205.00
12in x 12in £235.00
14in x 14in £280.00
16in x 10in £265.00
16in x 12in £280.00
6in x 6in (hinged) £125.00
20in x 8in £280.00
23in x 10in £310.00
19in x 12in £310.00
20in x 16in £365.00
23in x 14in £365.00
26in x 13in £395.00
28in x 14in £430.00
30in x 16in £470.00

Acrylic Display Case Prices - Read More
4"x4"x 4" £75.00
6"x6"x6" £135.00
8"x8"x 8" £220.00
10"x10"x10" £270.00
12"x12"x 12" £300.00

Jewellery Range prices- Read More
We will offer discounts on group orders or if they order another product alongside the jewellery range.
Sterling Silver - Ring £50.00
Sterling Silver - Small Bead Necklace £60.00
Sterling Silver - Medium Bead £65.00
Sterling Silver - Large Bead £70.00
Sterling Silver - Teardrop Bead £65.00
Sterling Silver - Earrings - Small Drop or Stud £45.00
Sterling Silver - Earrings - Teardrop £55.00
Sterling Silver - Bracelet £55.00
Sterling Silver - Locket £70.00

Silver Plated - Small Bead Necklace £45.00
Silver Plated - Medium Bead £50.00
Silver Plated - Large Bead £55.00
Silver Plated - Teardrop Bead £50.00
Silver Plated - Bracelet £40.00
Siver Plated on Stainless Steel - Cufflinks £50.00
Silver Plated and Steel - Locket £55.00

Baubles - Plastic - Small 2.5" £35.00
Baubles - Plastic - Large 4.5" £45.00

Prices are valid until Dec 2018 and are subject to change.

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